Friday, 25 July 2014

Google Drive Changes

Suggested Edits = Tracked Changes
GIF: Google Drive on Google+
There have been some massive changes to Google Drive recently - first there were add-ons, then separate apps for Docs, Sheets and Slides, followed by a new design.

This week, on Google+, the Drive team announced a couple of nice little features that will make a big difference! You may have heard that with the new design, the ability to natively edit Word and Excel documents was added by installing this extension from Google. Now, if you're editing Word documents, the recently-added feature 'suggested edits' will form tracked changes in Word docs and vice-versa.

In my school, the admin and support team are great advocates for Google Apps! They love using sheets to improve workflows and now they'll like it even more. With 'temporary filter view', as far as I understand it, those that can only view a Sheet will not be able to filter it without affecting other collaborators.

So, two small but impactful changes! Keep an eye out here for any more updates and for a full blog post on the new design once I'm back from holiday!

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