Monday, 7 November 2016

Support Literacy and Comprehension in Your Classroom with Read&Write for Google Chrome

I recently worked with Texthelp to create a series of four webinars which walk new users through the steps of setting up Google Classroom. I talk about creating classes, setting assignments, collecting and assessing work and using Texthelp's Read&Write for Google Chrome and Fluency Tutor for Google.

Read&Write for Google Chrome

This extension, which is completely free for teachers, is great at supporting literacy and comprehension across the internet. It is particularly well integrated in Google Docs, Slides and the Drive PDF viewer. It allows students to use prediction to help structure sentences independently. It also allows teachers to leave voice comments on student work right within Docs and Slides. Across the web, it provides a way for students to have content read to them as well as gather notes from webpages into a single Google Doc. It can be truly transformational because it really does allow all students to become independent learners.

Check out the first webinar here to find out how to setup Google Classroom and Read&Write for Google Chrome!

Helping Students to Complete Work

The second webinar delves into students using Read&Write for Google Chrome to support them in completing an assignment. It also shows teachers how to collect work using Classroom. The third webinar will delve further into assessment of written and spoken work. Keep an eye out for another blog post soon which discusses using Fluency Tutor for Google to assess students' speaking

Finished the first webinar? Check out the second webinar here!

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